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Welcome to Jim Puhalla's Natural Grass Sports FieldsNatural Grass Sports Field Design and Construction Supervision

Football Field
This photo of a natural grass football field was taken at the end of the season after hosting 70 events.
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Mission Statement: Develop topnotch sports facilities that are built right the first time by utilizing the latest industry design standards and by using the best materials and methods of construction all within a considered budget.

Jim Puhalla is an exclusive designer of natural grass (aka real grass) fields and skinned areas of baseball / softball fields that withstand a wide range of weather and use conditions. He knows the tricks-of-the-trade to produce durable fields that resist thinning-out and turning into mud or dust bowls.

Jim is the founder of the original SportScape (1991) and is the author of today's only authoritative, endorsed, textbook on sports facility design, construction, and maintenance. Since he designed and built his first field in 1979, he’s prided himself on being a world leader in baseball / softball and football / soccer facility construction.

From high school, college, parks, and community fields to professional and semi-professional sports facilities, those who choose Jim Puhalla’s natural grass sports field design and construction supervision choose quality and commitment to long-term natural grass sports field integrity.