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Survey & Design

The best fields start with a great design
The best fields start with a great design
  • Topographic surveys.
  • Conceptual drawings including the field, parking, and vehicular / pedestrian access.
  • Construction documents containing layout and grading plans, irrigation and drainage plans, fence and detail plans.
  • Construction documents feature Jim Puhalla’s design / build experience with the necessary documents to build the facility right the first time.
  • Budget estimates with realistic pricing eliminates the cost of re-design and re-bid.


  • Train your crew to maintain or renovate the facility.
  • On-site inspection and problem solving.
  • Evaluation of plans and specifications.
Jim supervises your crews and guarantees the job's done right
Construction supervision guarantees the job's done right

Construction Supervision

  • Daily / hourly supervision of construction crews even if they have no experience in sports facility construction.
  • Daily preparation of work schedules and material delivery.
  • Save when you pay contractors and materials direct with no markup by anyone else.


Facility can be used after construction and grow-in is complete on condition that construction documents are approved and construction supervision is provided.

3D Sports Field Rendering
3-D renderings work great for fundraising.
by Tom Madej www.team8e.com

Upgrade Services:

  • Develop color renderings to use for promotion and fundraising.
  • Find local contractors that have the right equipment and labor for your particular job.
  • Locate construction materials that are cost-effective and the best choice for your budget.